Office of Student Transportation

  • The department transports nearly 15,000 Richland One students daily and employs nearly 300 staff members to support transportation of Richland One students. Safety is very important on school buses. Teach your child to look both ways before crossing the street to get to the bus, to obey the bus driver and to remain seated and reasonably quiet while on the bus. Students who break the rules may be suspended from riding the bus.


    All students must be registered to ride the bus. Please contact your child's school to complete a school bus application form. Students who are not registered to ride the bus, will not be transported.

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    No child in the special needs program, kindergarten or younger will be left at a bus stop without the parent or guardian present. Parents of four year old or kindergarten students must complete the Student Registration Form for School Bus Transportation 2016-2017 and designate individuals permitted to receive the student. 

    The parent or guardian must designate individuals permitted to receive the student. A picture ID will be required in order to pick up the student. If proper identification is not provided, the student will be returned to the school.

     If a student is returned to a school three times, within any interval of time, afternoon transportation will be suspended until notification of appropriate provisions have been arranged for the safe discharge of the student at the bus stop. A sibling in elementary school does not qualify as a guardian. 

    Should staff feel that letting a child in 1st – 3rd grade off unaccompanied is an endangerment to the child, the child will be transported back to the school and the proper authorities notified. 

Transportation Staff
  • 927 Whaley Street 
    Columbia, SC 29201
    Phone: (803) 231-7002
    Fax: (803) 929-3872
    Mail Code: 850

    Director: Kathleen Joye